About Hotel Equip

Finding and achieving the most cost-effective interior design, have never been more important for developers and owners in the hospitality industry.  As a provider of integrated solutions, HotelEquip aims to provide its clients complete services regarding the design, budgeting, purchasing and assembly of professional equipment and amenities for hotel, restaurant, bar and conference center projects.

We know the specificities of hotel and public catering activities, along with the characteristics and technical specifications that each article has to meet. Furthermore, we work with a wide range of suppliers and partners specializing in particular amenities. Thus, we have established a layout that aligns the investors’ vision, the concept of the designer and the particularities of the property, within budget range. Ease of use is considered in the decision-making process, and above all, the utmost in comfort for the guests.

E-mail: contact@hotelequip.ro
Tel: +40 742 081 801
Ghe. Titeica nr. 121D, et. 1, sector 2, Bucuresti